Supply List for Third Grade Students

1. One 12-inch metric ruler.

2. One small box of crayons. There is not room for a large box in their desk. Magic markers are not used in class.

3. One pair of small pointed scissors will be used often.

4. One container of liquid glue and a stick glue. They will need to be replaced during the school year, as needed.

5. Two pocket folders will be used for homework and parent notices.

6. One box of facial tissues.

7. One roll of paper towels.

8. Two or three sharpened pencils and a small pencil sharpener. No pens are needed at the beginning of the school year.

9. One 3-subject spiral notebook pad. Do not buy binders because there is not room for them.

10. One small pencil case, plastic, if possible.

11. One book bag to protect books. Note: please cover the following books: Social Studies, English, Religion, Spelling and large Math books. Do not use contact paper to cover books.

12. One thin package of lined paper will be needed for everyday work.

13. A tray of water color paint. Please label it with the student’s name.

14. Water bottles are allowed in September and June.

** Please remind your child to hand in her or his book reports during the first week of class. During the summer, review addition and subtraction facts, and also review printing  with your child. Thank you very much for your cooperation!  Have a wonderful summer.


Mrs. Barbara LaChance

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